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Rider Development Program

You have taken your first steps to becoming the best rider you can!! 

The Rider Development Program has been something that Motodojo has been working on for several years and is based around continuous training not just a one day course. 



The course has been designed that you can start with any of our courses but we recommend following this plan for the best possible outcome.

1. Speed Control 

2. Slow Speed Control

3. Cornering Kung Fu

4. Lakeside Training

Enroll in the full program below!!

We would like to welcome AMX on board as a partner because AMX value the rider experience and want to be a part of your experience and keep you safe!

On top of that you will have 10% off all tyres and servicing from Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres on moss street to make sure your bike is fighting fit to cope with your awesome skill  

We will be hosting track courses at The Lakeside Raceway Driver Training Circuit to hone your skills you have been learning, see below 

See you soon!

Best Value

Rider Development



All 4 of our Rider Development Program courses

6 महीनों के लिए मान्य

3 x Rider Development Program Courses Held Weekly

Lakeside Raceway - Rider Development Program

Next Lakeside Course - Oct 14th

Save $160!!

  • The art of dominating corners

    दिन लोड हो रहे हैं...

    120 Australian dollars
  • The art of being able to operate at slow speeds like a pro

    दिन लोड हो रहे हैं...

    120 Australian dollars
  • Having a strong foundation gives you the freedom to build yourself up

    दिन लोड हो रहे हैं...

    120 Australian dollars
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