Location:  Lakeside Raceway

Duration:  8.5 Hours

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This is a full Day and catered Course, Starting at 8am and finishing at 5pm 

Although the Speed control and Cornering Kung Fu modules are not a pre requisite for this course the material covered is aimed at riders who have completed these modules and experienced riders. 


We will be doing laps at the, Lakeside Raceway , Driver Training Circuit, to develop steeper lean angles and brake deeper into the corner, to stabilise the bike and have total control over speed. The Driver Training Circuit has a great mix of corners , opening, closing, on and off camber and a never ending left and right turn.

We will also be practising low speed control with riders while they’re waiting for their session on the circuit.

  • Brake over throttle (slalom): Ride through a slalom course using the brake over throttle technique to stabilize the bike


  • Braking mid corner: Use the brakes mid corner, develop understanding of the steering, traction and stabilization effect of the brakes min corner.

  • Stopping mid corner: stop fast mid corner and with complete control learn how to read the feedback from your tyres and suspension


  • Trail braking : Use your brakes for a steering and stabilizing effect when turning in.

  •  Corner Lines : learn to join the dots and pick a good line through every corner

  • Speed Timing: In this exercise we teach you how to predict the bikes response to speed changes in the corner and to use our speed map to create a smooth stable corner.

  • Change lean angle mid turn: Use your body and handlebars to change your lean angle in the turn.

  • Change posture mid turn: learn to move on the bike mid turn whilst staying stable

  • Hang off: hang a cheek off the seat and get your knee out. We will show you how its done.

  • Slow speed control

  • Slow u-turns 

  • Figure 8’s

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