This module is all about the things you probably won’t learn on a full day course, in this module we
look at the little tricks you can use to change the way your bike feels, in this module we will teach
you to make your bike angry and then how to calm it down

In this module we start with a few warm up laps just to get used to the bikes and the training area
and then we jump into the following.

1. Launching the bike: get it off the line nice and hard

2. Gear changing up and down : smooth sharp up shifts and smooth downshifts with rev

3. Throttle control : learn to use the throttle smooth and progressively

4. Clutch control : learn how to slip the clutch to get power down right when you need it and
to keep things smooth

5. Braking techniques : use the brakes to slow down , maintain momentum, stabilize and stop

6. Short shift : Control the attitude of your bike by selecting the right gear for the right