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Requirements - Must have held your RE Opens for a minimum of 24 months 

                       Long pants and enclosed shoes  

This is a 3.5 hour course that will allow obtain the final license and allow you to ride any bike you want, 



The R class( unrestricted ) course is just a short 3 ½ hour course to check that you have developed some good riding habits and that you can  handle a bigger bike. Because the course is only 3 ½ hours there is no time for any training other than some quick riding tips and some feed back on your defensive habits. You need to be a developed rider to undertake this course. If you feel like you need a bit of practice on a bigger bike we offer one on one training and learner road rides to get your confidence up.


Off road: 


Simulated ride: An interactive exercise to get you ready for the road ride. You need to be able to take off and turn slowly as in a give way situation. You will need to be able to corner smoothly and change gears smoothly.


On Road Session


A 2 hour road ride in various speed zones up to 80 km/h, consisting of 5 ten minute rides and five 10 min discussions on defensive techniques. Riders take turns leading the road rides.


What next:


The R class( unrestricted ) licence is the top tier of the QLD motorcycle licencing requirements. With an R class licence you can ride any motorcycle you like as long as it’s registered and road worthy. We would encourage all riders to continue their training to maintain a well developed riding skill set.

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