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We have found with all our experience in training that the most challenging part of the Pre Learner course is the first group of modules that involve taking off and changing gears. Even people with manual gearbox experience in a car may find this challenging. A lot of new riders fail to consider the combination of balance, clutch control and slowing down as whole and fail to appreciate how these other factors can affect their confidence when deciding if they are capable enough to complete the course successfully.

If you have no experience with a clutch or riding a motorcycle then we strongly recommend you do our Introduction to the Bike course ( Or practise with a friend on private property.

Having that experience will only cost $80 and you will then have a very clear indication of how you will go on the course.

If you choose to enrol in the introduction to the bike course, we will happily transfer your Pre Learner course to a later date to accommodate the extra training.

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