Revision, swerve mid turn, brake/swerve/stop, swerve/stop/go
We all want to be able to act instinctively when it really counts. We may need to swerve or stop or do both and we definitely only get one shot at it with no warning and no warm up. In this module we will practise some swerving and stopping scenarios.


As usual in this module we start with a few warm up laps just to get used to the bikes and the training area and then we jump into the following.

  • A quick revision of the Braking level one module

  • Swerve mid turn: avoid an obstacle mid turn, using posture, brakes and steering

  • Brake/Swerve/Stop: Braking towards an obstacle with not enough room then swerve and stop quick

  • Swerve/Stop/Go: swerve around an obstacle then stop quick and then move off quick